SCSI offers the most extensive range of state-of-the-art technology in the state of Minnesota, with equipment serving every area of cosmetic care.

Body Contouring

Liposonix is a non-invasive and non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Liposonix uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to permanently destroy targeted fat cells without surgery. It works by focusing ultrasound energy below the surface of the skin in order to heat only targeted fat tissue. The treated fat tissue is then removed through the body’s lymphatic system, our natural healing process.

VASER Lipo® is the newest generation device for liposuction and fat transfer that uses ultrasonic energy — high-frequency sound waves — to produce superior results. Using a technique called LipoSelection®, VASER Lipo targets specific areas of the body. Ultrasonic waves break up and separate fat cells for removal, while leaving vital tissues unharmed.

Laser Lipo is laser-assisted lipolysis that works through selective photothermia, which occurs when laser-light energy is absorbed by fat and then converted into heat energy. The adipocytes absorb the energy and rupture, yielding permanent volume reduction. This also causes tissue tightening with the contraction in all skin layers due to collagen remodeling. We use Lipotherme laser device from Osyris and Laser Pro Lipo from InnoGym.

Body-Jet harnesses the pulsations of a water-jet, gently and efficiently dislodging, washing and harvesting intact, high quality fat into the LipoCollector, where it remains pure and sterile. The world-class fat harvesting technology available with Body-Jet provides endless patient options and solutions for liposuction and fat transfer

Skin Care

Visia Skin Analysis:  Shu Cosmetic Surgery Medspa is the first medspa owned the newest (6th generation) Visia Skin Analysis System from Canfield company.

The 6th generation breakthroughs:

  • IntelliFlash technology for perfectly rendered skin tones
  • Customizable masking for targeted communication
  • Latest advances in image processing deliver unsurpassed detail in skin feature analysis
  • Exclusive new eyelash analysis for lash growth regimens
  • Highest definition, studio quality facial photographs

Sciton: Contour TRL™ – industry’s first tunable skin resurfacing laser for full field superficial or deep peels.

  • ProFractional-XC™ – exceptional TRL technology for superficial or deep fractional therapy with optional coagulation.
  • ClearScan YAG™ – highly safe and effective solution for hair reduction and treating virtually all vascular lesions.
  • ThermaScan™ – superior non-ablative system for comfortably treating acne, acne scars, and wrinkles.
  • BBL™ – unmatched light therapy for a multitude of aesthetic and vascular conditions.
  • SkinTyte™ – effective, fast, and the most economical light energy device for improving skin firmness.

Aerolase: The proprietary MicroPulse-1064™ engineering technology and the internally air-cooled medical aesthetic laser generates higher power than any large stationary laser device and enables pain-free treatment for all skin types.

LightPod Neo™ is the safest and most versatile aesthetic laser available for the treatment of all skin types. The laser employs its unique MicroPulse-1064™ technology which delivers the energy through the skin 30-50 times faster than conventional 1064nm lasers. This enables safe and pain-free treatment of even the darkest skin tone, without requi

LightPod Era combines proprietary MicroPulse-2940™ technology with the inherent benefits of the erbium laser wavelength resulting in minimal downtime combined with efficient tissue ablation. The gentle effect of erbium’s 2940 wavelength delivered in short duration pulses allows gentle yet effective treatment of variety of skin conditions.

Cellulites Treatments: SmoothShapes® XV revolutionizes how cellulite is treated and introduce exciting new protocols for pre and post liposuction care. SmoothShapes® XV incorporates proven, proprietary Photomology® technology the combination of dynamic energy with mechanical manipulation. Patients will experience a reduction in the appearance of cellulite with smoother looking skin and long lasting results.

Skin Cooling: Zimmer’s CRYO6 skin cooling system was designed to enhance patient safety and comfort during superficial laser skin procedures. Creating airflow at minus 30 degrees Celsius, the CRYO6 enables the opportunity to increase patient satisfaction due to the numbing effect of cold airflow.


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